Assignment 4: Alternate Universe

Here is your prompt for this week’s assignment. See the question below

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.40.58 AM

Answer the question with your own version in in English 100-150 words (word count included) on the comment box and have fun with it.


69 thoughts on “Assignment 4: Alternate Universe

  1. 180410120046 / D

    Well, if I am the God. I will let the chaotic state to be in their way because the universe sometimes needs this “chaotic” thing to make it colorful. Then I will make human who will inhabit my universe with the ability to fly. So they do not have to walk for miles and there will be no pollutions like nowadays, right? And I would like to give my human the ability to know what other human are thinking, not what they are saying. So there will be no lie anymore in this universe, people will easily know which one is honest and which one is corrupt to lead them. In addition I will make the plant, animal, and other creature are able to talk. So human will not simply kill them, or cut them without permission. Well I think being a god is also hard.

    Word Count: 146


  2. 180410130034 / D

    I would divide my universe vertically into two sides; up-world side and down-world side. The up-world is full of happiness as I created it when I was happy and full. The world is full of colors, has many food, and is easy place to live in for all people. On the other hand, the down-world is all grey. It was created when I was both angry and sad.

    People in my universe are all born in the down-world. They each are given an “Attitude Necklace” to measure how bad or good they really are in the down-world. If their necklaces reach their maximum level of being good, people will have wings to fly to the up-world as the gift. If their level of being good run out in the up-world, they will be sent to the down-world and will try to do good things for over again.

    word count: 149


  3. 180410130028/D

    If I find a universe filled with creatures and I have to be their God, I’d be focusing on social matters. First, I’d make everything could speak–food, animals, walls, water, and even dirt. It would prevent my humans from loneliness, because they can talk about their problems with a cucumber or a spoon.

    Second, I would erase jealousy and cheating desire from every human’s heart, so everybody sticks to their partner. That’d make my job easier becuase I don’t have to pick new partner for them over and over again and (hopefully) there’d be no space for galau.

    Last but not least, I’d give my humans ability to transform someone just by thinking of one. It’d be like, “Mom, I’m thinking of you. I miss you!” then woosh! His or her mother appears next to him or her. So, I guarantee that all my humans are not lonely.

    Word count: 148


  4. 180410130040/D

    First of all, I’ll make them believe in me first, because there’s no use of my existence if they’re not believe in me. After that, for all the people who decide to believe in me, (this going to be hard because I suddenly pop out and claiming as their god, right?) I’ll give them a reward for being a good human being and follow my order as their god, and punish all the bad people.

    Second, I’ll make them have a good and kind heart and mind, so humans will only do good things, and there’s no chaos and crime because it will just make my situation as a god harder. Isn’t it good if world only filled by a good thing?

    Word count: 126


  5. 180410130033 / D
    If I were god I will make 2 things. First, I’d make everyone to find their marriage partner in one time so that there are no people who are feeling suck with their life. Immediately, they will be feeling love at the first sight and sure if he or she is their endless love. There are no women who cry over night for men who are cheating with other girl, or reverse. I want everyone happy and enjoy their life without tears and broken heart.

    Second I’d make people to be honest with their social media life, so I won’t find people who praised and creep. Example, when they commented with their friend photos like:

    “foto kamu cantik deeeh or cantik banget sih”

    They will be replied:

    “makasih yang lebih cantik”

    Literally, it is disgusting.

    Word count: 135 words


  6. 180410130037/D

    Before it got too far, I want to make this a not-too-big universe. I want to make planet, solar system, and even intergalactic travel possible without too many complicated theories, much time, money and mind consuming efforts like what humankind is doing now. And without wormhole too. I also want to make sure that every planet has its inhabitants, no matter what the terrain is. Thus, there won’t be any type of creature who’ll feel that they’re a superior creature among others as latter the intelligent creatures will be so diverse and they know about each other’s existence too. Also, if this is so, we can take long distance relationship into a whole new level. We can be like, “where does your girl/boyfriend come from?” “he/she’s from Segue 2 galaxy, Aries constellation”—it’ll be pretty awesome, I think. Oh but Jatinangor is still farther anyway.

    Word count: 145 words


  7. Fakhri Ahmad M

    If I were god I will make all planets and systems in this vast universe can be inhabited, I will make various races and spread them all into my planets and systems in my universe. Basically, every living thing has a soul, so I will give them the option to choose which race that they want to be. There will be no afterlife in my universe, so heaven and hell will not exist but I will make them reincarnated after death. I will make a huge universe war between all races, so there will be a total chaos condition between all races. Also, I will make a huge hidden sacred tree that can connect the universe with my living place, so they able to meet me and talk with me.

    Word count: 130 words


  8. 180410130058/D

    A hundred and fifty words are not enough to answer this question. But for sure, if I were Him, I wouldn’t have let humankind to create nor remake new religions, I wouldn’t have created races (there’s going to be only one race), and I wouldn’t complicate humans to travel the world difficultly caused by the use of many languages.

    I have been thinking what always makes the world in war is because the differences of the figure of God(s) we worship, the existence of the whites and the blacks, and the use of many languages causing it’s hard to travel the world. A one and only figure of God may probably contribute to prevent blasphemy effectively, having one race only also helps the world would no longer know racism, and using only one language would assist people to travel the world easier.

    Word count: 142


  9. 180410130016

    If I were god, I will create my world inhabited by two main creatures, human and daemon. In the beginning of the world, I am going to let them fighting in a lot of wars in a very long time. I will not let the human win the battle easy, because their god stands aside the daemon.

    However it does not mean the human will not have god; their protector forever. One day will come the time when the human will seize their freedom. And I will give an opportunity to a human who chosen by me to replace and to continue my job as god. Whether he will choose the human side or the daemon side, it is up to the chosen. Whereas, I will become the ex-god who has higher position and will be respected by the next god and will always ready to help the new one.


  10. 180410130016

    If I were god, I will create my world inhabited by two main creatures, human and daemon. In the beginning of the world, I am going to let them fighting in a lot of wars in a very long time. I will not let the human win the battle easy, because their god stands aside the daemon.

    However it does not mean the human will not have god; their protector forever. One day will come the time when the human will seize their freedom. And I will give an opportunity to a human who chosen by me to replace and to continue my job as god. Whether he will choose the human side or the daemon side, it is up to the chosen. Whereas, I will become the ex-god who has higher position and will be respected by the next god and will always ready to help the new one.

    word count: 150


  11. 180410130020
    Class D

    If I were that God, I would make another planet that is not just similar to the earth but also even more comfortable than this earth. I would make the planet even warmer and has many beautiful creatures, such as; mountains, beaches, oceans, forests and many more that is never ever ruined no matter how hard humans try to ruin it. So, humans and other creatures can do whatever they want without worrying about the nature’s condition. Also, I would make speed wifi connections in every area no matter how cloistered it is. So everyone (even those who live in cloistered grotto) could have their information about how the world is going on. Next, I would make every human as pretty as Victoria Secret’s Angels (for women) and as handsome as Hollywood’s hot guys such as, Adam Levine, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemshworth, John Mayer (for the men). Perfect, isn’t it?

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  12. 180410120142/D

    If I were God, I would make sure everyone believe that I was the only one God. I would eliminate the various forms of religion. Everyone would have the same beliefs and having peace in the world. I would also give them a service if they want to meet me. I will not give them trouble for it. I would come to their dreams if they need anything or if I want to tell them about everything. There would be no more wars or murders. There would be no racial or poverty, no diseases. I would make sure all people could live in peace. I would keep all kinds of people and all races. Diversity is beautiful.


  13. If I were god, first I would like to fix the chaos of the universe that is to make the beginning story of my supreme power then I will make all creature in the world believe that I am exist in heaven.

    The worlds which I create are 4. There are the heaven, hell, human world, and soul place. In addition I will create the gate of them so if one creature were dead his soul will be in soul place and I will command my angels to reincarnate him to place, or to become other creature not just like he lived before according by my will (possibly like Buddhist the difference is my will not his deed in the last world).

    word 123


  14. 180410120111/D

    If I were God, I will gives a pendant for every creatures in this world. This pendant will show their owner’s ability. So that, every creatures not have to worry about their future. They just have to follow their line that the pendant shown. And also I will give every creatures ability to find their soulmates. If they meet their soulmates, their body will give a strong signal. So that every human will never married the wrong person. Every human will married just one time in their life. I will make every creatures have a proportional bodies. They are different, but still have same level. There are no social class, the rich, the poor, the fat, the ugly, and so on. Every human will have a kind heart and full of responsibility. They will not makes the earth sick.
    Word count: 139


  15. 180410120101/D

    If I were god, I would make a universe where everyone will hunt each other. They have to fight for their life’s every day. Each person will have their own skill for hunt each other. Every time someone dead, they will be reborn as another person. They will be reborn with a new unique ability. Every person will have the same physical ability, yet men could not kill women. In this universe they can be killed anytime, anywhere. But, there is an item which makes you become invulnerable for an hour. So other person could not touch you no matter what kind of method they use. This item will given freely every day, the item will be expired in a day if the person did not use it. So, they have to use it every day very carefully.

    Word count: 138 Words.


  16. 180410120097 / D

    Actually, to answer that question it is little bit confusing for me, because too much things that I would change, but if I were a God, the first one, I will keep the world balanced in the other way something which balanced is good like white and black, good and bad, tall and short, etc.

    The second one I will change the “bad habit” of the people like homosexuals or lesbians, though at this time many people had the “bad habit” because it contrary to the balance of life that I will keep. The third one I will make sure that in the world had cool weather because there are many jungles than city. It will help people to live longer and they can explore themselves from the limitation.

    word count : 129


  17. 180410130002/C

    If I were God, I would do three things focusing on social matters on the earth. First, I would make the creatures could talk; human, animals, and plants. If they could talk, there wouldn’t any arbitrariness for they could state their opinions so that I hope they could solve their problems wisely.

    Second, I would make all humans could know and understand each other’s feeling so that that wouldn’t be any discriminations and lies among them. Besides, it would make people love their partners exactly without having bad ones before.

    Third, I would eliminate the stingy nature on human and animals. Whether it’s stingy in science and technology, wealth, or food so that people would share those things they have to each other and they would be equal. Thus, there wouldn’t any the rich and the poor, the smart and the fool, and also the satiety and the hunger people.

    Word count: 150 words


  18. 180410130018/C

    If I were the God, so I would not create an introvert characteristic, and there was no humans who had introvert characteristic in this universe, because introvert was one of the damaging characterizations for the humans. I pitied to introvert people who tend to experience the difficulty of socialization with other people, and consequently it caused them just had a little friends. They would just trap in their small world by doing some things that just involved themselves, such as reading or even just isolating themselves in their room all day long, because most of them would feel uncomfortable when they were faced with many people. Therefore, I would make all humans had an extrovert characteristic in order all people could socialization each other comfortably. They would create friendship easily with many people. Finally, there would no solitary and lonely people in this universe.

    Word count: 144 words


  19. If I were that unfortunate God, first of all I would shake my head in disbelief and said “here comes an overwork.”

    Then, I would create a universe where Staphylococcus epidermis, Xerosis corynebacterium, and other bacteria which made our body smell unpleasant did not exist because I would be the kind of God who hated unpleasant smell especially which came from a human body. Thus, no one would avoid them if they did not have time to take a bath because of waking up late or if they had just done an exercise. Furthermore, they did not have to use any over-scented and over-priced perfume, which made others sneeze and their nose itch due to allergic, only to cover their stink or to upload it to social media with a caption “just bought this limited $3,800.00 Gardénia Chanel in Milan. Love it!”

    Word count: 143 words

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  20. Balqis Alkatiri

    If i were a God, I would fix everything in the world. Start from the big thing like goverments to the small things like traffic …. I would make the animals talk to the human. There is no hell, heaven only. There’s no criminal and the weak woman. There’s no diseaster. I would make all human in the world can travel to another space. Man could give birth, it makes them understand how the female feels about that. Man could get a period so when the man and the woman are on the period they can’t have sex. No death, human are immortal. I could turn back the time, but just for emergency. I would bring my grandfather back. I’m real, so, they could see me. There’s no laziness. And i wouldn’t send Adam and Eve naked to the earth.


  21. if I’m a god, i will give a prosperity to all human but that wont be easy as i’m god.
    before i give everybody prosperity. every human must think and go for their own future. if one man or one group does not think or go, the prosperity wont be give to him. another think i want most is make lower of negative feeling in every human like anger, regret, unhappy, sad, etc. it will make everybody happy.


  22. If I’m a god, I will give a prosperity to all human but that won’t be easy as I’m god.
    Before I give everybody prosperity. Every human must think and go for their own future. if one man or one group does not think or go, the prosperity won’t be given to him. Another think i want most is make lower of negative feeling in every human like anger, regret, unhappy, sad, etc. it will make everybody happy.
    Even I’m a god for the human. But in my rules, I want everybody has a destiny in their life. The destiny that will make God loves every man who do it.

    Word count :110 words


  23. 180410130070/C

    I will do two things with the universe that I’ve just found. First, I will make living in this universe a little bit harder because I will make the punishment and rewards of doing things become visible. For example, if the creatures do some kindness like being honest, give some money for people in need, and so on, they will get some rewards like money, new clothes, free food, and many more. But, if they do something bad like beating each other, lying, and so on, they will get some punishments like be beating back, their mouth become swollen and many more.

    I will also give some music tracks for these creatures to make it better. So, if they experience a good thing, the happy music will play and if they feel down, the sad music will play. Although now, everyone has their own music for their life.

    Word Counts: 148


  24. 180410100066/C

    if I were God, I will create the universe especially the human who had faith could be take care of each other without any racist in one another, and awaken the human that they have belief in themselves. They must have not choose or looking people by the weakness or the advantages, black skin, white skin, different traditions, smart, stupid, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, sexual things, we are all the same. Human also have to use their minds really well before they do something that make people think what are they doing is make sense. So the world can be peacefully live without any kinds of that (rasism, bully) that is happening recently. They also should be concerned with nature, plants and animals around them that should they care because caring for all of it will make the world look more beautiful.

    Word count: 142


  25. 180410120122/ D

    If I were God, I will create two,a real world and a dream world. I will create a huge men born with fairies who become their partners. I give them various responsibilities to conserve the nature. They do their responsibilities in real world and their souls go to dream world where they can see any reward upon their works well in real world. If they are not with vengeance in working, they will get a punishment that makes accumulating their works in real world so that they awaken bring spirit to fulfill their responsibiliies. Fairies who have duty to oversee what they have done will give spirit of optimism when they get tired. Anybody has fulfill his responsibility, his body will become a star in the sky and his soul goes to dream world and can live happily with his fairy and they have lasting souls.(147 words)


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