Final Writing: Deal With Them (Fiction)

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Gervais or Je’vice, well, that’s how his friends pronounce his name with ‘sticky’ British accents. Gervais is a guy whose ability is making dark and fart jokes. He works at a chesse factory in London as a headchef. There is a silly factory rule that was made by Gervais which he and all employess must dress in all pink, head to toe, every single day, Gervais made that silly rule because he think that it would attract new customers. On the other hand that not many people know about is that Gervais was suffering from mental issues, where there are several persons that manifest themselves mainly trough him hearing weird ass voices when he tries to make a decision, and sometimes, a small decision will become a really big deal for him. Those voices comes from several things such as cat, dog,an empty bottle of bagel and a bird. Only Gervais that could hear those things talking and moving. He is kinda fine now, but not that definition of ‘fine’ just like what you thought. Gervais still needs to take some pills to avoid those weird ass voices temporarily. Those persons in his mind still making appearance, only when Gervais forget to take some pills. The persons have its own name and characteristics, the first one is a person that Gervais named Marc, Gervais sees Marc trough a cat, Gervais defines this cat as Marc. This cat named Marc is one of four voices that usually blows up in his head and always tells him to do good stuffs and to not messing everything or anything. Another one is Austin, Gervais sees Austin trough an empty bottle of bagels. This person named Austin usualy blows up and making appearance in a certain situation, a situation which makes him must chose something bad over the good, Austin usually makes Gervais suffers in confusion, delusion, and illusion everytime he tries to make a decision. Now we meet Arlind, the third person, the inconsistent one. Gervais sees Arlind through his pet bird. Arlind usually makes everyting becomes really really worst everytime he makes an appearance. Last but actually the least one is named Jonah. Gervais sees Jonah through a dog. Jonah is the carefree one, almost careless about anything Gervais does, this person always tells Gervais to kill himself when Gervais makes a really complicated decision or trying to decide something. But now, Gervais decided to deal and live with them and no longer taking the pills because he think, when he could control himself, they couldnt control him, but why? so..

One day , in a really nice morning with nice weather, he woke up late, and it made him in hurry to go to the office and yes, he went to his office without taking pills, the pills that given by his personal doctor to avoid those voices come and make him see things talking and telling him what to do. When he arrived at his office, he still not realize until he is doing his job, checking the goods in the storehouse, when he was picking up the goods that already expired and he got so confuse and said “ if i do not re-use the expired goods, i will need to find another goods and it really takes time and energy,”.Gervais started to think to re-used it but then suddenly, one of his pets, a cat named Marc came to the storehouse and started talking “Gervais what you did this morning is what you have to do til the death of your life, you aint takin’ your pills,yes just dont take no more pills because i miss you, and what are ypu doing there? Wait.. are you trying to not replace the expired good? I BEG YOU TO NOT DO THAT GERVAIS!, IF YOU DO THAT, YOU WILL POISONED YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOU WILL GET FIRED! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FREAKIN JOB! AND YOU WILL GET IN PRISON FOR THAT! STOP IT GERVAIS” told the cat, Gervais answered and jumped in shock “WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU DOIN’ HERE YOU LIL PUSS?? OH CRAP!,I DID NOT TAKING THE PILLS BECAUSE I WAS IN HURRY NOT BECAUSE I MISS YOU AND STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!, I WILL KEEP ON TAKING PILLS NO MATTER WHAT, AND YEAH I THINK IM NOT GOING TO REPLACE THE EXPIRED GOODS BECAUSE IF I DO, IT WILL TAKE MY TIME, MY ENERGY TO FIND THE GOODS REPLACEMENT.I WILL KEEP ON MY DECISION, I WILL RE-USE STUFFS THAT ALREADY EXPIRED, I DONT EVEN CARE, I WILL BLAME OTHER EMPLOYEES, YEAH I WILL BLAME THEM, THE BAD DEEDS I DID TO THEM HAHA” After a little long conversation with the cat named Marc, Gervais di not care about Marc’s advise and decided to keep on re-using expired stuffs and at the same time, he had also tried so hard to avoid those weird voices. But a deal is a deal, if he does not take the pills once, in the time that already specified by his personal doctor, then, want it or not, the voices will keep telling him what to do. After all day long in the office, he finally decided to go home earlier to take some pills and when Gervais got in his car, suddenly, he found out one of his empty bottle of baggels named Austin on the deck of his car smiling and started talking “Uh Oh look at you Gervais, you are about to bring yourself to jail hahaha haha heard you are going to do criminal thing? Well, its better to be in jail rather than waste your energy to find another goods” Gervais once again jumped in shock and replied “OH CRAP!? CAN YOU ALL WEIRD VOICES STOP HAUNTING ME, NO NO.. I AM NOT GOING TO THE JAIL AND WAIT TIL’ I GET HOME IMMA TAKE SOME PILLS AND GET RID YOU ALL OFF MY LIFE!”. As we know that Austin usualy blows up in his head in a certain situation, a situation which makes him must chose something bad over the good, Austin usually makes Gervais suffering in confusion, delusion, illusion everytime he tries to make a decision.

On his way to home, Gervais kept on thinking about do he really need to find fresh and new goods and replace the expired or just re-use the expired goods? And what if something bad happen to his customers?, should he just blame it to his employees? and while Gervais deciding and trying to make decision, this person named Austin keeps talking to Gervais but Gervais did not listen to Austin. When he arrived at his house, he found out his house became messy as hell and when he’s trying to find his pills, he did not find them. Gervais finally felt asleep because of exhaustion. After hours of sleep, Gervais woke up and found out his house clean. He got really confused with what the hell was wrong with his life at that day but he chose to not think about it. When he got in to the bathroom to take a bath, he found out Arlind, his pet bird standing on the bath tub and started talking “Oh hi Gervais how’s your day? You aint taking your pills huh? hahahaha” told Arlind, Gervais replied calmly “Oh crap another weird ass voice, now i will try to listen to you, weird voice!, so give me some good advise!”. This time, Gervais finally decided to listen to one of the persons and asked for some advise, as we know that Arlind a.k.a one of the persons that usually makes everyting becomes really really worst everytime he makes an appearance. “Well, Arlind, just give me some good advise already!” said Gervais. Arlind happily answered “Oh wow you finally listen to one of the persons, well, i advise you to keep doing it!”. Gervais asked “what do you mean? Wait.. so youre telling me to do that criminal action?”. “Yes just do that, no one will know about it and when someone do, just kill him/her,” told Arlind. But then Gervais got really confused ,cried and still couldn’t decide anything, and finally the worst person came a.k.a Jonah the dog. When Jonah came to Gervais, he started to talk and gave the worst advise ever “Hey Gervais, i know you’re sad right now over a small thing, well its not a small thing for you because when it comes to make a decision, you turned into a weak man, why dont you just throw them pills and kill yourself? It would make your life way more easy and no need to deal with me or others?” said Jonah, Gervais replied “You sound right! I need to kill myself right now!”. Gervais finally decided to hang himself but it failed, cut himself but it failed, poisoned himself but it failed, all the things he did to kill himself were failed. His neighbour found him bleeding and took him to the hospital. After a while of recovering, in the hospital, Gervais met a mysterious guy that looks just like him, the guy said to him “Dude, all you need to do to get thru this is self-control! You need to be able to control yourself and you will be able to contol the (the persons)”. Gervais took that guy words seriously and decided to deal and live with the persons. All he could learned was that he needs to control himself so that no one will ever tell you or control what you do, even from the other persons on your mind.

Word Count: 1.601


Inspired by some general 80’s and 90’s horror and thriller movies.


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